Company Profile

Our Factory

Quanzhou Wanxin coating Co., Ltd. is a research and development of fluorocarbon powder, Marine powder, heavy metal anticorrosive powder, high temperature resistant powder, and set industry and trade as one of the high-tech companies. Headquarters is located in the golden Triangle of Southern Fujian - Quanzhou. 

The company since its inception, in good faith, hot pillow service purposes. To provide product information and technical services for various industries. The company was founded in 2008, after more than ten years of development, the company has developed into one of the domestic powder coating suppliers.

My factory mainly engaged in powder coating production and sales. With a number of companies to establish long-term stable relations of cooperation, credit, abide by the contract, ensure product quality, won the trust of the majority of customers, the factory to follow customer demand, continuous product innovation and service improvement.

Product Application

Suitable for all kinds of furniture, fitness equipment, tables and chairs, bathroom, handicrafts, electrical appliances, auto parts, lighting, door industry, railings, building materials, real estate and other products. 

Our Certificate

2019 Excellent Member unit of Fujian Enterprise Economic Evaluation Association, 2019 Champion of Fujian Paint Co., LTD. Network Selection Contest, 2020 excellent member Unit, 2017 charity activity unit, 2020 economic model brand unit.

Production Equipment

Mixing machine, extruder, grinder, prototype, metal powder binding machine.

Production Market

Sales market mainly in Fujian province, Jiangxi province part of the region.

Our Service

Pre-sales: introduce our products to customers in detail, try our best to meet customer needs, answer all questions;

Sales: according to customer requirements reasonable arrangement of production process, shipping process, etc., to ensure product quality while faster delivery of finished products to customers;

After-sales service: if there are problems will be solved in time, the way to deal with customer satisfaction as far as possible, if there is something wrong please criticize, or better advice we will listen modestly.